Advisory Services
IFCI Venture offers comprehensive services to its clients, leveraging three decades of equity investment experience to provide independent, fair and informed assessments for investment decisions.

IFCI Venture provides Advisory Services to Companies/ Entrepreneurs throughout the Investment cycle from deal identification to exit planning.

Deal Identification
  • Sourcing potential investment opporunities across various sectors for the investors, Corporates, Financial Institutions.
Development of Business Plan
  • Preparation of business plan and implementations strategy for Budding Entrepreneurs.
Deal Evaluation
  • Preliminary evalution and analysis of Deal.
  • Preparation of feasibility report and recommendation.
Deal Due Diligence
  • Detailed study of the company and Entreprise Valuation.
  • In depth Product & Market research.
  • Thorough Financial Analysis.
Deal Structuring
  • Designing appropriate structure to achive Investment objective.
  • Recommending suitable Financial Istruments.
  • Negotiation strategy/ Support.
  • Assisting in Investment related formalities.
Investment Monitoring
  • Independent Monitoring of investment portfolio.
  • Advising any alteration/ transformation in exiting investments.
Exit Planning
  • Providing exit valuation.
  • Advising suitable exit options and facilitating the exit process.

IFCI Venture with its background in equity investment, understanding of critical factors, is an apt partner to carry out in-depth due diligence and appraisal of business plans. Additionally, IFCI Venture provide inputs for strengthening the investment structure. IFCI Venture enjoys industry linkages that enable it to regularly gather critical intelligence/ information for undertaking business and investment evaluations.

Being a Private Equity, as well as, Venture Capital investor, IFCI Venture possesses expertise in assessment of investment proposals, deal structuring and exit mechanisms.