Short term lending

IFCI Venture also provides Short-Term Lending to entrepreneurs and corporates, to facilitate business growth. 


  • Loan amount - Rs. 2-10 crore.
  • Tenure - up to 36 months.
  • Rate of Interest 13-15% p.a. Processing fee - upto 1.5% (upfront).


  • Profitability track record of 3-4 years.
  • Adequate cash flows and Security of - 2.25- 3 times of finance amount by way of:

    • First/pari-passu basis charge on the assets of the company financed through lending/any other charge on the assets of the company as negotiated with the borrower.
    • In case of loans required by listed companies, security may be in the form of pledge of free shares (without lock-in period) in Demat form.
    • Personal guarantee of promoter.
    • Post dated cheques with regard to principle and interest repayment.

    Investment would be made in companies rated 4 or above in accordance to the Small & Medium Enterprises Rating Agency (SMERA) Rating Scale or in accordance with the internal criteria.
  • Unqualified segments for investment

    • Promoters categorized as 'willful defaulters' list by RBI
    • Industries producing or consuming Ozone depleting substances
    • Companies engaged in the business of tobacco, Cigarette, gutkha, wine, lottery, gambling, casino etc.

The eligibility for all the Investments/ Loans shall be decided at sole and absolute discretion of IFCI Venture.

IFCI Venture has adopted a fair practice code. The file can be viewed at:

Fair Practice Code