Green India Venture Fund (GIVF)
Amber Enterprises India Private Limited

Project Details

Amber is India’s leading OEM supplier of white goods, including air conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators etc. The company has consistently been awarded best OEM and various innovation awards from its customers. It is extremely cost competitive as it has engaged in manufacturing of import substitution components of its products and through high level backward integration. It is well diversified across customers and has a fast growing diversified portfolio of products.

The company is riding on the domestic consumption story with rising disposable incomes and easy finance options and has experienced strong growth across products.

Arani Power Systems Limited

Project Details

Arani Power is an OEM of steam turbines in the under served and under serviced range of 5 to 45 MW. The company also does balance of plant equipment in the range of 5 to 45 MW of turbines and services up to 150MW turbines. Further, the company has special expertise in renovation and modernization of existing power plants.

The founders have exceptional experience in this field and have successfully commissioned steam turbines from the company’s proprietary designs and is emerging as a reliable and strong competitor in the rapidly growing power equipment manufacturing space.

Shakti Pumps Limited

Project Details

Shakti Pumps is India's leading submersible pump manufacturer. It's products are used in over 60 countries, successfully competing with the world largest player Grundfos in the world market.

The product's USP is lower running costs due to high energy efficiency, being the only five-star BEE certified motors and providing savings of over 30 per cent over other competing products. The pumps have high wear resistance due to the material used, which also lowers installation costs.

The investment in Shakti Pump is a secular play on the scarcity of above ground water - probably the biggest investment opportunity of the twenty first century, and on energy efficient products.

De Core Science & Technologies Limited

Project Details

De Core is India’s first manufacturer of Ultra High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes chips and applications. The company is promoted by Mr. Deepak Loomba, a technologist holding over 15 patents, and the company has set up LED applications manufacturing facility in India.

LEDs are expected to fast replace conventional light sources owing to their extremely high energy efficiency and long life. High costs and low application quality has withheld large scale penetration of LEDs in lighting until now. The De Core group, with superior application quality and manufacturing facilities in India, aims to bring LED based products to the masses. De Core has the right mix of technology, both homegrown and licensed from foreign players, as well as operational and marketing capabilities to grow with the emerging demands of energy efficient sources.

IFCI Venture Capital is an early stage investor in De Core, providing it capital and technology commercialization expertise to achieve the vision of its founders.

Minwool Rock Fibers Limited

Project Details

Minwool Rock Fibers Limited is a leading player in the domestic insulation market with Rockwool based thermal insulation products. The company has over three decades of experience and is the only company in India to manufacture mineral wool based ceiling tiles. With a wide range of insulating products on offer, and vast experience in the space, the company is now transforming itself from being a domestic supplier of insulation products to an integrated end-to-end insulation solutions provider. It is also simultaneously focusing to capture export markets for insulation products and ceiling tiles.

Minwool has integrated its value chain in an industry that has high import restrictions on raw materials and high dependence on costly imports for the finished product ie. insulating ceiling tiles. This integration has proved to be difficult for others due to technical and financial feasibility, thus creating an important entry barrier for new entrants.

Minwool’s products have vast applicability in several industries with growing demand forecasts. The company expects to tap the industry opportunity by expanding its production capacities and investing in automation. IFCI Venture has invested in Minwool to help fuel its rapid growth.

Titan Energy Systems Limited

Project Details

Titan Energy Systems is one of India’s most experienced solar power system integration companies. It has proven design and execution capabilities across utility scale off – grid and on –grid installations, with developed capabilities that meet global quality requirements.

Currently, the company has solar modules manufacturing capacity of 100 MWs and expertise across crystalline, amorphous and thin film based solar technologies. Titan Energy has sustained OEM contracts with renowned overseas companies for over a decade for its modules.

With the advent of Jawaharlal Nehru National Power Mission, India expects to see a quantum jump in nationwide solar installations. Titan, being the leading domestic player, expects to see a growth in demand from domestic power producers

SLS Power Corporation Limited

Project Details

SLS Power Corporation Limited is a Bangalore based company which aims to develop hydro power projects across India. The company has strong experience in operating and developing hydro and biomass power projects in Karnataka and AP. It has an operational strength of about 6 MW of biomass power plant and 10.75 MW of small hydro power plants. Further, SLSPCL also has an additional license of about 65 MW of small hydro power projects across India.

The company is currently setting up a 24 MW (4MW x 6) grid connected small hydro power generation plant on Godavari River at Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh. This is a run of the river project on the verge of completion with all clearances in place and expecting to start generation by September 2011. The project is in advance stage of enrolling with UNFCCC for receiving carbon credit benefits and MNES Subsidy. The project has PPA has with Tata Power Trading for 10 years with higher tariff realization benefits.

Ganesh Ecosphere Limited

Project Details

Ganesh Ecosphere Ltd. (earlier Ganesh Polytex Ltd.), a BSE listed company, is the country’s largest manufacturer of Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (RPSF) using post – consumer PET bottles.

RPSF is an environmentally friendly polyester fiber that cost-effectively replaces virgin polyester fiber in numerous clothing and non-clothing applications. RPSF is additionally washable, durable, comfortable and hygienic that makes it a desirable alternative for foam, cotton and polypropylene in the manufacture of lifestyle and home furnishing products. Most application areas of RPSF are expected to see continuing growth driven by high consumption and favorable macro-economic factors.

Ganesh Ecosphere, with over two decades of existence in the industry, has periodically expanded its capacities and upgraded its technology while consistently maintaining excellent cash flows and profitability. IFCI Venture Capital invested in Ganesh Ecosphere in the form of growth equity to enable it to forward integrate into the spun yarn manufacturing business that uses RPSF as a raw material.

A Power Himalayas Limited

Project Details

A Power Himalayas Limited is a Himachal Pradesh based company involved in design and implementation of Small Hydro Power Projects as well as operation on BOOT basis. It is also involved in the tourism development areas through ropeway and ski-center development projects. Along with group companies, it has developed about 27.75 MW through 8 small hydro power projects in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

IFCI Venture invested in the company to help commence operations of two grid connected power projects at Gangani & Badyar of 9.5 MW & 4.9 MW respectively. The projects had completed majority of the implementation work in both projects before IFCI Venture’s investment. These projects are eligible for MNES subsidies.

KVM Energy Pvt Limited

Project Details

KVM is a diversified power group having interests in biomass, hydro, thermal and natural gas based power projects. The promoters have rich power project implementation experience and the group’s previously completed power plants are generating more than 140 MW of power.

IFCI Venture Capital invested in KVM to part finance a 15 MW grid connected small hydro power generation plant under in the state of Karnataka. This is a stream based small hydro project with two generating units of 7.5 MW each. The invested project was under advanced stage of completion during IFCI Venture’s investment and subsequently became operational beginning May 2010. The project is enrolled with UNFCCC for receiving carbon credits and MNES subsidy. The generated electricity will be sold under a profitable tariff based power purchase agreement to Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL).

Regent Energy Limited

Project Details

Regent Energy is a subsidiary of Excel Cars Pvt. Ltd. having diversified interests in areas such as distribution cum dealership of branded vehicles, sugar mill and power projects. The group companies have an aggregate turnover of around Rs. 500 crore. Regent Energy plans to develop small hydro power generating plants in India.

IFCI’s investment in Regent is directed towards part financing of a 5 MW grid connected small hydro power generation plant in Himachal Pradesh. The project is planned to achieve low operational cost, high PLF and economic life. It is also enrolled with UNFCCC to receive carbon credits, MNES subsidies and other tax benefits.